Every day a photo in May

Beauty is abundant. I chose to give myself a challenge to notice it more mindfully and take one photograph a day to capture moments of every day beauty.

I've always collected images and the idea of slowing down to take note of more loveliness  seemed like more of a gift to myself than a challenge. 

Here is my collection of images for May's photo a day.

May 1 A friend surprised me with a bouquet of flowers from her garden for May Day.

May 2 A hot day inspired me to go for a walk to get ice cream with a friend. 

May 3 Saw this on a shelf outside of a little shop.

May 4 Seen on my walk this morning.

May 5 I chanced upon this beautiful collection inside a playhouse on the playground of a school where I teach art. Gorgeous playtime.

May 6 On  my morning walk...

May 7 At the Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary

May 8 Happy Mother's Day: celebrating beauty, joy, nurturing and bonds of all kinds.

May 9 Not far from home.

May 10 I photographed this beauty at the wonderful Practical Sparrow Cafe as I was waiting for my Sparrow Salad.

May 11 Summer sky through the leaves of one of our trees in the front yard.


May 12 At the end of a dead end street.

May 13 This little nest full of baby birds is in a hanging basket right outside our front door. Swoon!

May 14 First day of my two day workshop with the amazing Eileen Sorg.

May 15 Eileen's awesome dog, Scout.

May 16 On my morning walk.

May 17 Ducks and reflections. Beauty everywhere!

May 18 Took our little monkey in for surgery. Glamour shot.

May 19 Spent the day sick, in bed, with Jak & Riley. Good doggies.

May 20 The kids are growing up!

May 21 So much rain.

May 22 Rain and sunshine.

May 23 Afternoon buffet.

May 24 Today's choice: banana bread. 

May 25 Lunch and sketching at the amazing Cafe Turko. Go get you some!

May 26 Sultry days...

May 27 I love old signs.

May 28 A relaxed Saturday. My favorite kind.

May 29 A rainy Sunday full of art projects. Bliss.

May 30 Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who serve.

May 31 Lovely day to end the  month. June, you are just around the corner. I look forward to the beauty I'll see. May you've been magical. Glad I took time to slow down and see that.