Welcome to my art world.

I am a watercolorist, sketchbook addict, teacher and traveler.

I have loved to create things with my hands as far back as I can remember. I have been a full time artist ever since I realized that I could actually create a life doing what I love. That took some time to learn.

After teaching for years at several art schools and local colleges, I opened up my own art school, Cloud 9, in Bothell, Washington. I offer watercolor, drawing, and sketchbook classes for adults, children and teens and yearly international sketching workshops. Best. Gig. Ever. Other teachers have joined me at Cloud 9 to teach fine arts, needle arts, writing, yoga, and meditation classes. I am thrilled to create this creativity center for my community!

For more information on the courses I am teaching please visit my Workshops page, click on the workshop you are interested in and you will see all the details and registration options. And do feel free to email me for more information. 

If you would like to learn more about Cloud 9 Art School and the classes offered by all the instructors, please visit www.cloud9artschool.com.

Lessons are designed to help students gain confidence and experience with developing watercolor and drawing skills and encourage a sketchbook habit. Lessons are tailored to the age, skill level, and goals of each student. I believe that through art and play adults and children alike are able to understand their world and to establish connections to different areas in their life. Through art we are better able to understand and appreciate the world around us. 

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Student testimonials

When I returned home yesterday, I told my husband that your class was the best one I have ever taken.  I am very excited.  It actually gave me goosebumps!  ~ Susan Cook

Knowing we have to grow into the curve  of learning and improving is why I keep coming back.  I love your class and more importantly I love the way you teach.  You are not judgmental, you care and we are fortunate to have you each week. Thank you, Char.  ~ Marilyn Scanlon

I'm so glad I took your  "Drawing the Masters" class. Looking back at my past work, the current work I'm creating is more accurate and my visual ability has improved. I've been drawing more and now tackling painting again. Thank you!
Donella Robbins

Welcome to my art world!